Black Friday Sales SEGA Genesis, SEGA Ultimate Portable, Atari Flashback 4

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It’s that time of the year again where I update everyone on where to find the SEGA Genesis classic game console, the SEGA Genesis Ultimate Portable, and the ATARI Flashback 4.  These consoles manufactured by AtGames very in quality.  Of the bunch the Genesis Ultimate Portable is probably the best of the bunch speaking from experience.  It doesn’t have a cartridge slot, but does have an SD port.  Many Genesis Roms (if that’s your thing) work in it.

With out further ado here is the run down courtesy of

SEGA Genesis Classic System / SEGA Genesis Ultimate Portable / Atari Flashback 4

  • $29.99 – Meijer Black Friday
  • $29.99 – Walgreens Black Friday
  • $28 – Dollar General Black Friday
  • $29.99 – Toys R Us



Black Friday Sale GameStop $200 250gb PS3 With Batman Origins And Last Of Us


A supposedly leaked Black Friday ad shows a particularly interesting deal for a 250gb PS3 with copies of Batman Origins and The Last Of Us. Purchased separately Batman and Last would cost you about $120, so this is a good deal if you’re looking for a back up PS3 that isn’t 12gb. Ad details courtesy of Cheap Ass Gamer:

Video Game Collecting Tip Of The Day 2/15

plastic polishToday’s video game collecting tip is all about restoring the luster your consoles once had!  I use this product called Meguiar’s PlastX.  I stumbled upon it at Auto Zone for less than $10 and it does a remarkable job on three gaming related items:

Consoles – if you have a SEGA Genesis that has seen better days you can bring it’s luster back with a squirt of this magic polish and a gentle rub down with a soft cloth.  Keep it off the text and images as it can distort it if its on for too long or if you rub it too roughly

Handheld screens – this is a miracle for Game Boy screens (all of them!) and the SEGA Game Gear that seems to get scratched if you so much as yawn on the system.  Apply, buff, and go on your way.

DISCs – I recommend the two above with caution, and this I recommend with even more serious caution.  But if you gave a game disc that is scratched, or simply does not play and you think it’s a lost cause, try this polish as a last resort.  Its fixed at least one SEGA Saturn game I had problems with and countless DVDs.

So there you have it, restore the luster to your games today!  This stuff works great, smells decent, and doesn’t leave any residue (provided you wipe it all up).  If you leave it, it will become white and crusty!


Video Game Collecting Tip Of The Day 1/13

tecmobowlThere sure has been a number of video game documentaries in recent years.  From the King of Kong to Chasing Ghosts, and more recently The Ecstasy Of Order: The Tetris Masters I suspect it’s not going to stop any time soon.  Well, this evening I accidentally watched some football and it reminded me of a lesser known video game documentary that is worth sharing.  You might be wondering how one accidentally watches football, but trust me it happens.

Anyways, it’s a real deal documentary that was shown on ESPN2 called NFL Films Present: Tecmo Bowl.  Apparently more than two decades after it’s release a legion of Super Tecmo Bowl fans meet every year to compete in the game.  The narration to this show is hilarious as whoever the guy is could probably make waiting in line at the DMV sound exciting.

Jokes aside the tournament had an interesting element to it.  Since the teams are unbalanced when a match up between two players is decided they do a coin toss.  The winner picks the two teams that him and his opponent will be playing, but the loser of the coin toss gets to pick which team they want.  This is smart because it forces you to pick balanced teams, and also requires you to know the ins and outs of all of the teams just in case you lose the coin toss and your preferred team isn’t picked.

This documentary is a worth the time to watch, even if you don’t like football or Tecmo Bowl but you do like video games.  The cast of characters are just as outlandish as the ones from the three previously mentioned documentaries, and they even interview some of the players who were featured in the game originally.  Enjoy.


Video Game Collecting Tip Of The Day 12/18

In case you haven’t heard Nintendo Power has ceased publication and the last issue is on newsstands right now!  A poster inside features covers from all of the issues of the magazine.  There is an excellent nostalgic feel to the magazine and even if you’re a passive collector of anything Nintendo you don’t want to miss out on this.

Video Game Collecting Tip Of The Day 12/11

We don’t track arcade games here (yet) but wanted to clue you in on an Arcade Flyer site for today’s tip of the day.  Go here: and check out all of the awesome flyers from your favorite arcade games.  Most of these ads were targeting arcade operators and not the customers which led to some pretty risque flyers.  Some of the flyers focused on the availability of conversions and some ads are not clear what they are selling at all.  But this is a real part of video game history and something many collectors enjoy so don’t miss out.

Video Game Collecting Tip Of The Day 12/10

Nowadays we take for granted how easily it is to save our game play.  Actually I cannot think of a single game released in the past 6 years that doesn’t save your progress or stats, or whatever.  But there was a time that if a game had a save feature it required a battery back up.  And well many of those batteries (in particular the ones in original Nintendo games such as The Legend of Zelda) are well past their shelf life.  It would be incredibly rare that these games from almost two and a half decades ago will still save (but some still do!).  Their batteries have long since expired.

The good news is that they are not that difficult to replace, and for today’s video game collecting tip we are referring you to this helpful guide that explains step by step with photographs on how to change the battery in a Nintendo NES game.  Enjoy!  Link here:

Video Game Collecting Tip Of The Day 12/08

Today’s tip of the day is a gentle reminder that if you bought a new console for your loved ones this holiday season you might want to consider the fact that you might not get to experience it straight out of the box.  I can confirm with 100% certainty that both the slim and super slim PS3 will require a firmware update.  It has been reported that the WiiU can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour to download and install the required firmware update.

So to summarize, if you’re buying one of these systems for your kid’s this holiday and you want to make sure they enjoy it immediately you may want to consider opening and setting it up early.  Otherwise you’re going to encounter some deep frustrations!

Video Game Collecting Tip Of The Day 11/26


If you’re looking for label inserts for SEGA Genesis games, or box inserts for almost any game on any system then hit up The Cover Project.  This site has thousands of high quality scans from the original boxes of video games, plus some custom sleeves for games that didn’t originally come with a clam shell case.  They provide instructions on where to get the different kinds of cases: or you can just hop over to and buy the cases from them.  They describe their case as follows:

Our Universal “Combo” Game Case solves your game rental and library storage needs. The versatile case will accommodate: Nintendo 64, Super NES, Sega Genesis, Electronic Arts, CD formats with and without jewel case. Case includes guidelines for easy insertion and positioning of games. Universal “Combo” Game case will accommodate most instruction booklets and has a full outsleeve to insert your own artwork.

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