What’s a copy of Sim City Worth?

sim city snes

What is Sim City on SNES worth?

In the late 1980’s Sim City was one of the most popular PC games so when it was announced as a launch title for the Super Nintendo I was pretty excited.

The game is not an exact port of the PC game and that’s a good thing. Nintendo’s twists on the game like replacing the Godzilla monster-liked character with Bowser, having the mayor give you hints and tips, and more made the game an enhanced experience (if that is such a thing).

The soundtrack which changed based on your population was a nice touch as well and if your population was large enough you’d be rewarded with a Super Mario Bros. statue.  All in all the game has aged incredibly well and is as playable today as it was in the early 1990’s when this version was released.

So what is a copy Sim City worth?  Actually not too much as most copies can be picked up for about $5!

VIDEO: F-Zero – Super Nintendo Gameplay

This is our stream of F-Zero for Super Nintendo from this evening. This is futuristic classic driving game from 1991. Relying heavily on the Super Nintendo’s Mode-7 hardware the game had an amazing feel to it. F-Zero is a pretty common game and although we’re placing its value at $17 you can usually find a few copies cheaper than this on eBay.

Box art for F-Zero: