PedroGames.Com Review

We’ve purchased plenty of retro games from PedroGames.Com so much so that its one of our favorite sellers.  And for good reason.  Pedro! has an excellent selection of games at a reasonable price.  Sometimes he’s the cheapest, and sometimes he’s not, but you will get your money’s worth – that is for certain.  The shipping is always fast, the packaging perfect, and although he doesn’t show photos of the actual cartridges he’s selling all of his items have been received in great condition.  There might be an occasional scratch or tiny gouge in a label here or there but you need to consider some of his items are almost a quarter of a century old so it’s to be expected.  Recently Pedro! has starting selling games separate from eBay on PedroGames.Com.  This site serves as a regular retail store which sometimes has additional items not available from his eBay listings.  A+ and a class act all the way.