Video Game Prices In The 90s

video game prices in the 90s

video game prices in the 90s

Video Game Prices In The 90s

One of my favorite pass times as a video game collector is looking up video game prices in the 90s (and also the 80s!).  You’d be surprised what you can find.

Video Game Prices Over Time

Regardless of the decade the best tool I found to do research is the Google Newspaper search.  You’ll end up with poorly scanned papers with a variety of ads from popular department stores and specialty stores as well like Kay-Bee and Toys R Us.

This ad for Sears in particular was found simply by searching Super Nintendo.  If you click the photo you can see the full size ad.

Video Game Prices Adjusted For Inflation

We sometimes complain about the prices for video games today, but when you look at the prices here they are not far off.  Many new games today costs $59.99, but this ad is from 1992 meaning back then the games cost more money then they did today!


This Atari Fire Sale Ad Is Amazing

sears fire sale on atari gamesWhat’s so hot that it’s cool?  This Sears One Week Only Video Game Clearance Sale!  This ad, printed in the Spokesman-Review on October 24th, 1984 highlights the fall of the industry, and more specifically the fall of the Sears branded Atari.

Games that normally sold for as much as $40 were sold at clearance for as low as $1.88, others for as much as $3.88.

You can still find the occasional game priced this low at GameStop, but its always used merchandise and usually shovel-ware.

What an amazing time it must have been for collectors!