What is Strider on NES worth?

what is strider on nes worthWhat is Strider on NES worth?

While looking and playing nothing like the arcade game the NES Strider port was pretty popular regardless.

As a typical side scrolling platformer you guide Hiryu through a convoluted consipiracy reminiscent of Soviet Russia.

When I first played the game it felt glitchy and incomplete but the music and attention to the various graphic detail made up for it.

While I’ll always prefer the arcade or SEGA Genesis version, the NES version of Strider should be in every gamer’s collection.

So what’s a copy of Strider worth? Well while copies can be found for as low as $5, a decent copy with little to no wear will set you back as much as $10.

What’s a copy of Spy Hunter NES worth?

spy hunter nesWhat’s a copy of Spy Hunter on NES worth?

Arcade week hasn’t ended here at Video Game Price Guides, and today we’re checking out Spy Hunter for NES.  Spy Hunter is one of those simple yet great arcade games that you can sit down and kill some time on just trying to get get further in the game.

As a reasonable port of the arcade game, Spy Hunter features everything the arcade version has including the weapons, the enemies, and even the strategies.  Even the boat level is included!

If there is any complaint about Sunsoft’s Spy Hunter its that the game can be pretty glitchy.  on more than one occasion we’ve had the screen lock up but the enemy cars speed up the screen for no provoked reason.  It doesn’t happen a lot, and when it does it’s kinda funny.

Anyways Spy Hunter is worth only, it’s cheap, easy to find, and you can probably pick up your copy for $5 or less!


What’s a copy of Arkanoid NES worth?

arkanoid nesWhat’s a copy of Arkanoid NES worth?

Our arcade week is almost to a close but today we’re checking out Arkanoid for the NES.

Basically a re-envisioned and updated version of Breakout, Arkanoid is your basic paddle and brick game with a few extra features including power ups and weapons.  The game is simple and colorful but placing a value on the game is unique.

While Arkanoid can be played with the traditional NES controller it plays much better with the proprietary paddle controller.  Of all of the licensed NES controllers this is one of the rarest.  So while the game of Arkanoid is worth about $6, the paddle itself can worth as much as $75.  And trust us the game plays much better with the paddle controller!.

What’s a copy of Burgertime NES worth?

burgertime nesWhat’s a copy of Burgertime NES worth?

Arcade week here at Video Game Price Guides continues with a look at one of our favorite all time games Burgertime!

Of all of the home ports of Burgertime the Nintendo version is quite possibly the closest to the arcade version in terms of sprites, gameplay, and computer AI.  There are some scoring anomalies and the screen is horizontal instead of vertical, but outside of that everything else is pretty spot on.

Practice on the NES version and your skills will easily translate over to the arcade version.  How do we know this?  We’ve experienced it first hand!  All in all Burgertime is a great game and worthy of your collection.  Burgertime is worth $6.

What’s a copy of Dig Dug II NES worth?

dig dug ii nesWhat’s a copy of Dig Dug II for NES worth?

We’re doing an arcade theme this week here at video game price guides and today we’re checking out Dig Dug II.

Believe it or not, the original Dig Dug was never officially released on the NES, and that’s a shame because the Famicom port is amazing.  Instead, here in the United States we get Dig Dug II.

Deviating greatly from the original gameplay of Dig Dug, in II you find yourself on an island carving off pieces of it to kill enemies by having it fall in to the ocean.  While some people might think this is a great game, we found it to be very mediocre.

Similar to Galaga, Bandai published the game here in the U.S. instead of Namco because of some riff with Nintendo at the time.  In any case Dig Dug II is worth only $6.

What’s a copy of Galaga NES worth?

galaga nesWhat’s a copy of Galaga on NES worth?

We’re doing an arcade week here at VideoGamePriceGuides and we’re starting out with Galaga!

Obviously one of the greatest arcade games ever made the NES port is pretty spot on in terms of presentation and sounds.  If you grew up on the arcade version you’ll easily point out several differences but by and large its a great port.

This version was released by Bandai in the United States as Namco had a bit of a riff with Nintendo at the time (or so the internet leads me to believe).  Galaga isn’t as common as you might think, but its not that hard to find either.  A copy of Galaga for Nintendo would set you back about $11.


What’s a copy of Gun.Smoke worth?

gun.smoke nesWhat’s a copy of Gun.Smoke worth?

Gun.Smoke, one of Capcom’s early NES releases based on the arcade game of the same name is a great simple game.  Basically its a shoot-em-up but instead of a plane or a space ship, you’re a cowboy killing other cowboys, Native Americans, Ninjas, and more.

A couple interesting things to note about this game, there are two different labels, the one you see here with the ‘Bar’ in the background and a more common version with a generic western scene.  Another thing to consider is the period between Gun and Smoke.  This was probably to distinguish it from the TV series Gunsmoke.  Last but not least Red Dead Revolver was originally developed by Capcom as a sequel to Gun.Smoke (or so I’ve read) before Rockstar took over.  If true, then would Red Dead Redemption be Gun.Smoke 3?

Anyways, this is a great game on the NES and worthy of anyone’s collection.  So what’s a copy of Gun.Smoke worth?  $6!

What’s a copy of Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf worth?

lee trevino fighting golf boxWhat’s a copy of Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf worth?

If you’re a retro gamer you might not know who Lee Trevino is, but you probably know of Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf.  As one of the earlier, and better golf games available for the system it features two courses, four players of different abilities and a good hour of fun to complete 18 rounds.

The game has everything from bunkers to water hazards to interesting music and funny animations when you do well, or when you screw up.  And a well known piece of trivia about this game: it was parodied on an episode of The Simpson’s.  It’s the one where Bart steals a copy of Bone Storm (Mortal Kombat) and at the end of the episode Marge get’s him Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge.

So what’s a copy of Lee Trevino’s Fight Golf worth?  Well as a fairly common game its worth about $3.

Tanya and I recently played a round of Fighting Golf. Check it out for the hilarity:

What’s a copy of Bionic Commando worth?

bionic commando nesWhat’s a copy of Bionic Commando worth?

Bionic Commando has always been a popular NES game, but you know what?  We’ve never actually played it.

As we researched it’s value however it became apparent that this game is loved by many, and we noticed it in several top 10 and 25 games for NES lists.  This isn’t surprising because after Capcom’s initial launch titles they started cranking out many quality games and clearly this one is revered as such.

We could fake our way and do a copy and paste job from Wikipedia giving some additional insight to Bionic Commando, but that would be quite disingenuous to our readers, so we’ll spare you the nonesense.  So what’s a copy of Bionic Commando worth? $5!

What’s a copy of RC Pro-Am worth?

rc pro-amWhat’s a copy of R.C. Pro-Am worth?

People love racing games, and while first person “behind the car” style racers have always been the main perspective in driving games I’ve always love the isometric view offered by great games such as Super Off-Road and Super Sprint.  And while both of those games are on the NES, there is also R.C. Pro-Am.

Not only is R.C. Pro-Am an amazing racer, but it also offers that isometric view, but close up which prevents you from preparing for those twists and turns unlike the pre-mentioned games that show the entire track.  There is however a map at the bottom the screen that makes it a little easier, but you’ll be so busy staring at the screen you wouldn’t have time to look at it!

Being one of Rare’s first games on the NES they did an excellent job capturing the thrill of racing.  The game very common and very inexpensive.  While we were able to find some copies going for as much as $10, we’re gonna play it conservative and say you should be able to pick up a copy for no more than $2.

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