Great Moments In Gaming History Trading Cards 11 – 15


It’s time to wrap up the last 5 cards of the Great Moments Tn Gaming History 15 video game trading cards set.  Card number 1 is already available, click here for details.  With out further ado, check out the designs for the last fiveL


011 commando front

Card 11: Commando012 Rolling Thunder Front

Card 12: Rolling Thunder013 Super Off Road front

Card 13: Super Off Road014 tapper front

Card 14: Tapper015 primal rage frontCard 15: Primal Rage

Expect all 15 cards to come available through out the summer, plus I will be giving some away at E3!


Great Moments In Gaming History Trading Cards 1 – 5


As you’ve probably noticed by now, the Great Moments In Gaming History Trading Cards are now being printed.  The first card Marian’s Abduction is available for purchase.  This is a limited print run of only 250 copies, most of which will be used for promotion so if you’re interested in the card that started it all I recommend you click here now:

There are a total of fifteen cards in the first series.  In the mean time check out cards 2 – 5!

001 double dragon front final

Card 1: Double Dragon
002 bionic commando front final

Card 2: Bionic Commando003 Chiller front final

Card 3: Chiller004 ring king front final

Card 4: Ring King005 smash tv front final

Card 5: Smash TV

Purchase Double Dragon Trading Card $2 Free Shipping

The first card in our Great Moments In Gaming History Trading Card set is now available!  Double Dragon trading card number 1 features Marian’s Abduction from Double Dragon!  The full color glossy card captures the opening scene from the arcade version of Double Dragon where Marian takes one to the gut and is dragged off.  This scene from 1987 is one of gaming’s most memorable because of the infamous panty shot!

Order today for $2.00 free shipping (within the United States only)

001 double dragon front finaldouble dragon ebay card

Great Moments In Gaming Trading Card #2 – Hitler’s Exploding Head Bionic Commando

002 bionic commando front finalIn case you have not figured it out yet, Video Game Price Guides will be releasing a series of trading cards highlighting the “Great Moments In Gaming History” that we’ve all come to love.  Above this text is card 2: Hitker’s Exploding Head – Bionic Commando.  Each full color two sided card features a whimsical yet memorable moment from gaming that you may or may not remember, or may or may not have even ever experienced!

The spirit of these trading cards is to capture some of the legends that made certain games so great.  They will be available exclusively this summer through Video Game Price Guides with several copies of each given away freely as they are printed.  If you have ideas of how they should be given away please participate in the survey on the left side of this site, or leave us a comment here.

We hope you enjoy these cards and if you have recommendations of what you consider to be a “Great Moment In Gaming History” feel free to include int he comments below, who knows we might consider one of your recommendations next!