Adventures In Game Collecting 8: Stack Of Namco Famicom Games

image Namco’s Famicom games are unique for a variety of reasons and I absolutely love them!  Besides the fact that there were several titles that never made it to the United States like Dig Dug and Pac-land their Japanese packaging is very unique.  In addition to the NAMCOT logo pressed into the plastic the labels had (at least in the beginning) screen shots from the games and over-layed clip art from the original art of the games.

These 6 titles set me back $20 from eBay, though I only really wanted a copy of Dig Dug.  RBI on the top left is extremely common, I already have a copy of Pac-Land.  I don’t particularly like Dig Dug II, and those last titles I have no idea what they are.  But they look cool!

Adventures In Game Collecting 7: Complete NES And More



It’s been busy the last few weeks with work and the release of my first Atari 2600 game Desert Bus 2600.  But that hasn’t stopped me from game collecting!  There is too much to show off so I’ll just highlight some of the better finds.

First up are these Nintendo Strategy Guides for Pokemon.  The Official Trainer’s Guide is in great condition and still has all the stickers.  Both of these were found at a Savers, both for $1.99



Next we have LHX Attack Chopper and Mickey Mania for SEGA Genesis.  This was also found at a Savers along with a a few other Genesis titles that I passed on.  I love the Mickey titles so I couldn’t pass it up, and LHX… well, I’d rather have Steel Talons, but I couldn’t pass it up.



Next we have a boxed NES.  It’s missing the games and controllers but everything else in the box is in great shape.  Its not the worst box I’ve ever seen so I couldn’t pass on it.



Random NES controller…



Atari plug n play from a friend at work…



Game Boy SP Advance with the super bright screen.  Pearl Pink.  Came with Care Bears.



This is a basket full of Genesis, Nintendo, and Atari Games and Accessories.  After pulling everything from the shelf and rummaging through it there was nothing I had to have.  Too bad.image

Chessmaster for NES.  I read somewhere that the old man on the label is the guy that played the farmer in Back To The Future.  I bought this for a chess project I’m working on.


Cross Fire for SEGA Genesis.  This game looked interesting after I saw a review for it @classicgameroom.  The game was pricey but found a boxed copy at Game World.  It wasn’t priced but I asked the girl and she said it was like $5.99.  It came with the manual.  Even though the box is chewed everything is fine.  Funny, especially since they had a complete copy that they wanted $29.99 for.  Turns out this game is called Super Airwolf or something like that in Japan.  Not sure if its supposed to be a tie-in with the TV show but the font within the Japanese localization kinda suggests that it is.


Anyways this wraps up this installment in adventures in game collecting.  Don’t forget to get the latest on Desert Bus 2600 here,  or on the facebook page here:


Adventures In Game Collecting 6: Donkey Kong Land III And More

It’s been a busier than usual month for me as I finished off programming two Atari 2600 games, Desert Bus 2600, and Death Race 2600, as such I’ve been a little behind in maintaining the site, and keeping you posted with my adventures in game collecting.  So here is a quick run down…

First up is a copy of Bases Loaded II, this was gifted from a friend in exchange for a ride at the airport.  Awesome.   But do you notice something strange with this cart?  I know I do.  Scroll down for more…



Next was a Savers fine for $5.99.  The real gem here is Donkey Kong Land III.  I didn’t care so much for the Pinocchio game, but the two licensed PS2 memory cards will still be worth a few bucks.  And last but not least…



An arbitrary Goodwill find resulted in the this SEGA Genesis II with SEGA CD.  It was mostly complete for $15 with an arcade stick and a six button controller.  Also found on this trip was Jaguar for SEGA CD.  Yawn…


Not pictured were games picked up for my son which included a WiiU and Super Mario Bros. U.  I also recently got him Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.  A trip to the swapmeet today yielded… nothing.  Sigh..

Anyways as we start to drift into the fall look for details on cartridges for Desert Bus 2600 and eventually Death Race 2600!


Adventures In Game Collecting 5: Alex Kidd In Shinobi World For $3


The latest adventures in game collecting have been amazing. In addition to receiving an original PlayStation Analog controller (not to be confused with a Dual Shock – it’s basically a Dual Shock but sans the vibration) I also received a sealed copy of Final Fantasy XI – that is to say the disc is sealed, it did not include the HDD – but that’s ok!

I also picked up another Super Joy – this one black, but this one was different from all the other ones I’ve ever seen. This one had a cartridge with it. After bringing it home I searched online and sure enough some of them do include a cartridge, so my surprise was more of ignorance than anything else. Anyways, the cartridge is actually just a board that plugs into the Famiclone port and it has a hard plastic sleeve that fits over it – it is by no means an actual “cartridge”. Plugged in the cartridge sports “12,000 in 1” which works out to about 40 real games total, and several variations of the others. Some surprising games on this included PaperBoy and Burgertime – two titles I’ve never seen on a multicart. Another plus is that the first 40 games are not hacked – meaning that it has the correct title screen and sprites. Some of these pirate carts butcher and re-label the games such as Donkey Kong JR. suddenly becoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7. The other 11,960 games are variations of the 40. In testing a few most seem like they start you at a different level, or the game is grossly sped up, which kinda makes a unique challenge especially for games like Super Mario Bros. The variations have hilarious titles such as Impregnable Forest____________________________.

Next were two “laptop” famiclones. The problem with these was that they were not famiclones! They each came with a gun, two controllers, and a mouse, and the laptop themselves which included the keyboard. Everything about these systems gave me the belief they were legit (if you could call them that) famiclones. A search online showed that there have been famiclones packed into these shells with the same exact accessories, but the port for the cartridge on both units were glued shut, and once opened revealed… nothing. The cartridge port on both were missing. So what the heck were these things? Well they were educational “computers”. Upon start up you could navigate a world to play different educational games, however there were several non-educational games that were ports of legit famicom games (F1 Race, and Nintendo Pinball) with expanded color palettes. These were huge disappointments.


Last but not least I picked up a copy of Alex Kidd in Shinobi world for $3! This was found at Savers here in Las Vegas, just sitting on a shelf. The game was complete with a perfect case, perfect manual and a slightly worn game. The label is intact (and its blue!) but it does have some minor wear. Apparently this is one of the more rare games for the SEGA Master System – so rare I never added it to the Price Guide! Some research of the title revealed that it was released late into the North American life of the Master System. It was supposed to be a chibi or SD port of Shinobi, but somehow got re-branded as Alex Kidd. The first boss was supposed to be a joke on Super Mario (Mari-Oh) but got changed at the last moment or something. The game seemed unnecessarily hard when I attempted to play it, but the music was fantastic. An awesome pick up!

Adventures In Game Collecting 4: LCD Games $2


First up in this edition of Adventures In Game Collecting is this LCD Game: The Simpsons by Acclaim.  I was of the belief that the Acclaim LCD games were total junk, but this one was surprisingly great.  Basically you play as Bart and you need to catch cupcakes that Maggie tosses into the air, just don’t accidentally catch her pacifier or you loose a life.  The condition of this LCD game is incredible.  It seriously looks and feels new out of the package. It was $1.99 and came with an LCD Keno game (not pictured)



Next we have Remco’s The Real Ghost Busters LCD game.  Back in the day Remco made a handful of LCD games that were all essentially the same game.  In this version you “capture” ghosts as they fall from the sky.  I had already owned Double Dare so this is a nice addition.  The game was filthy and I’ve cleaned it up, however the LCD mesh is off centered and there are a few other problems that still need to be fixed.  This was in a $1.99 bag with some infant toys.


Next we have a really decent copy of The Legend of Zelda for NES.  I would normally not spend $5.99 for an NES game unless I didn’t have it and it was at least worth $5.99.  This game was the exception as its in better shape than my copy, and Zelda can always be flipped.

Some other games picked up but not pictured includes Pokemon Blue for the original Game Boy.  This was found with infant toys for $1.99 – quite a steal!  The battery of course was dead but I replaced it and works fine.

And last I have my big haul of PS1 games:

Adventures In Game Collecting 3: Mega Man X2 for $3




“Mega Man X2 was real low cheap!”

That’s exactly how I’d describe today’s video game thrifting adventure.  Imagine a downtown Las Vegas thrift store with merchandise as run down as the neighborhood.  Inside, a filthy transient rummages through bags of electronics while I patiently wait for him to find something to steal for drug money.  At first the only find was a grey Nintendo Zapper.  The $3 gun is as in perfect shape as you’d expect.  Then I saw a Famiclone controller and started to wonder if I’d find the system.  But before I could located it I found a $2 silver Game Boy Advance!  Score!  Then I found the Famiclone!  It was a Power-Joy.  Boo.  These are worst than the Super-Joy Famiclones because instead of just ramming the NES on a chip into a Nintendo 64 controller, they throw in a light gun.  The systems are really ugly.  But wait, not all is lost as the cartridge for the Power-Joy was found for $2!  Score.

But finally, last but not least.  Near the bottom of the rack my eyes focused on a Super Nintendo Game: MEGA MAN X2 in decent shape for the real low price of $3.  This isn’t the rarest game I’ve found in the wild, but certainly the most expensive!  All in all a great day for thrifting!


Adventures In Game Collecting 2: Game Boy Pocket, T&C Surf Designs NES, Famicom Games

It’s seemed like an eternity since I’ve done an update on some recent video game finds so here are a couple things to note:




First up was a trip to the swapmeet.  Its been a few months since I last went and didn’t have much expectations for this visit either.  An early booth had a copy of Mortal Kombat for Game Boy for $25, and at that point I pretty much checked out.  But all was not lost as I found this copy of T&C Surf Designs for NES.  I’ve never actually played the game, but as a kid, there was an Iranian father with two daughters who lived in an apartment below us.  From a few steps down from my patio I could see right into their living room and on to their TV.  They had an NES and for hours I’d watch them play Super Mario Bros. and this game.  Back then I didn’t have an NES, and was insanely jealous to have one so it never occurred to me that watching their TV through their window was a little obtrusive.  Once my mom found out, that put an end to that!  Anyways, the game was $4.  Its really only a $1 or $2 game, but if I were to get it from eBay and pay for shipping I’d still be looking at $4.  At least in this case I was able to inspect the label.  Great condition.




My favorite seller Mario was there as usual with his large box of $3 NES games.  With the exception of Dance Aerobics I seriously owned every game that he had on the box.  Near the end of the swapmeet visit though I stumbled upon this beauty of a Game Boy pocket.  I had been looking for a pocket for a while (not that I need one as I have two original DMG’s, a yellow Color, and 3 GBA, but I didn’t have a pocket.  This one was silver, was worn on the edges badly and had a scratched screen.  But it had the battery cover, the buttons felt great, and the woman demonstrated that it worked.  She wanted $10, I asked for $8 and we had a deal.


This is a copy of Fortress of Fear for Game Boy.  My mom had originally got me a copy of this game (it might have been the last thing she ever got me before she died).  This was a super cheap eBay find so I didn’t mind the tooth marked case.  The game has amazing music, but goofy graphics and sometimes awkward control.  It makes for a fun adventure regardless!


Next I have an awesome shot of my mailbox’s package locker  What you see there is six of nine Famicom games I got off of eBay from a Japanese seller.  The funny envelopes and labels are the customs declarations.  In it I got two copies of Frontline, two copies of City Connection, Pacland, Birdweek, Doughboy, F1 Hero, and The Goonies.  All were in decent shape and worked.

Other honorable mentions not included here is Micro Machines for SEGA Genesis, a boxed SEGA 32X with everything except the AV cables for $12 and M*A*S*H for Atari 2600.  I also have an outstanding Famicom game coming from the same seller mentioned earlier which should contain Parodius.  Whew!


How An Experiment In Getting Cheap Retro Games Went Wrong


For those of you lucky enough to have followed my retro game hunt at the swapmeet were probably as disappointed as I was. If you recall I believed I stumbled upon a technique to bargain for cheap video games. The jist of the technique was to pressure the seller for a quick answer in the hopes they would low ball what they had. Cheap games be damned. It’s not that the technique doesn’t work it’s just that there wasn’t many one off sellers this weekend to try it on.

I had only two real attempts, the first being four NES games: Russian Attack, T&C, Bayou Billy, and Soccer. Like a fool I asked the seller’s kid how much he wanted for all which turned into a conversation with this mother. She said she wanted $7 each or all four for $20. I wanted no more than ten for all, even though they were not worth more than $3 a piece – if that. The next guy I tried the technique on had a variety of consoles. I found a bag of 7 Game Boy games. When I asked him how much he wanted for all he said $40. I don’t remember which games they were but I priced the bag at $15.

And after more than two hours of walking around I had had enough. Despite arriving way later than my usual time few of the vendors were ready and my usual game stops had nothing worth buying. So in conclusion this is nothing more than an opportunity to try again.  I did however pick up a Famiclone for a friend of mine, and am planning to return this Saturday for three more.  We’ll post a review when we get them!

Adventures In Game Collecting 1: Famiclone And VS Super Mario Bros.

In today’s adventures in game collecting Salzman shows off VS. Super Mario Bros (the arcade version) for Nintendo NES, some eBay winnings including Final Lap Twin for TurboGrafx-16 and Choplifter for Famicom, and wraps it up with an amazing Famiclone find called the Super Mission Home Entertainment Computer.  This Famiclone is unique as it isn’t your run of the mill Nintendo on the Chip – this system has real hardware as you can see in the photo below.  With it came 5 cartridges, four of which were multicarts.  One included Master Fighter III which is an unofficial Street Fighter II Port, and another had the American licensed version of Castlevania, and Trog.  This amazing find was procured at a Las Vegas thrift store for $20.  Scroll down for video of this amazing Famiclone and the games that came with it.
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