What’s a copy of Super Mario Land 2 worth?

Super mario land 2 game boy priceWhat is a copy of Super Mario Land 2 worth?

Super Mario Land 2 is a natural sequel to the original Super Mario Land and features several new Game Play elements that makes the game stand on its own.

A new power up, a carrot, is introduced which allows Mario to gently defy gravity by flickering a set of rabbit ears.  Larger sprites are used in the game which brings more personality and expression to not just Mario but to the enemies as well.  An over world map which had become tradition at this point in the Super Mario universe groups the various “lands” together and allows the gamer to approach them in their own unique order.

The various lands feature many new enemies and bosses and while the game is very different to most Super Mario games it is easily recognizable and playable.

Like the previous Super Mario Land game, Super Mario Land 2 has memorable music and bonus games to earn power ups or 1ups.  Again, a new protagonist is introduced – Wario, whose castle is accessible only after obtaining 6 gold coins located at the end of each of the lands.

All in all Super Mario Land 2 is a great game deserving to be in any Game Boy gamer’s collection.

So what’s a copy of Super Mario Land 2 worth?  While you can find decent copies on eBay for around $5, a really nice one with a clean intact label can run as much as $12.