What’s a copy of Metroid II Worth?

metroid ii game boy priceWhat’s a copy of Metroid II worth?

Back in the early days of the original Game Boy’s life there were a bunch of junk titles, but there were also some amazing titles and Metroid II is certainly one of them.

The action-adventure sequel of the popular NES game finds the return of Samus, who is on a mission again to rid a planet of alien Metroids.  The game ends in a surprising plot twist which sets the stage for Super Metroid which of course was released on the Super Nintendo a few years later.

Metroid II was an amazing game whose only real flaw was the Game Boy hardware itself which was notoriously blurry, but that problem is solved with a Super Game boy or in any of the iterations of Game Boy Advance.

So what’s a copy of Metroid II worth?  While you might be able to find sub-par condition copies for as low as $10, most copies with little to no wear will set you back $15 – $20.