What’s a copy of Spy Hunter NES worth?

spy hunter nesWhat’s a copy of Spy Hunter on NES worth?

Arcade week hasn’t ended here at Video Game Price Guides, and today we’re checking out Spy Hunter for NES.  Spy Hunter is one of those simple yet great arcade games that you can sit down and kill some time on just trying to get get further in the game.

As a reasonable port of the arcade game, Spy Hunter features everything the arcade version has including the weapons, the enemies, and even the strategies.  Even the boat level is included!

If there is any complaint about Sunsoft’s Spy Hunter its that the game can be pretty glitchy.  on more than one occasion we’ve had the screen lock up but the enemy cars speed up the screen for no provoked reason.  It doesn’t happen a lot, and when it does it’s kinda funny.

Anyways Spy Hunter is worth only, it’s cheap, easy to find, and you can probably pick up your copy for $5 or less!