What’s a copy of Dig Dug II NES worth?

dig dug ii nesWhat’s a copy of Dig Dug II for NES worth?

We’re doing an arcade theme this week here at video game price guides and today we’re checking out Dig Dug II.

Believe it or not, the original Dig Dug was never officially released on the NES, and that’s a shame because the Famicom port is amazing.  Instead, here in the United States we get Dig Dug II.

Deviating greatly from the original gameplay of Dig Dug, in II you find yourself on an island carving off pieces of it to kill enemies by having it fall in to the ocean.  While some people might think this is a great game, we found it to be very mediocre.

Similar to Galaga, Bandai published the game here in the U.S. instead of Namco because of some riff with Nintendo at the time.  In any case Dig Dug II is worth only $6.