Original Nintendo Value

Curious about the value of the original Nintendo?  You won’t believe what a Nintendo Entertainment System would cost today!

When the original Nintendo Entertainment System was released there were three different bundles: the Deluxe Set For $199.99 which included R.O.B, the zapper, two controllers, and Gyromite and Duck Hunt.  The control deck bundle included no game and retailed for $89.99.  For $10 more you could get the control deck with Super Mario Bros.  Later, the Action Set was released for $149.99 which is the set most remembered which game with two controllers, the zapper, and Mario/Duck Hunt.
Much later other sets came out including the Power Set which included everything from the Action Set, but also included the Power Pad and the 3-in-1 game pak with Mario/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet.  Later another set was released which included the NES Satellite, four controllers, and Super Spike V’Ball/Nintendo World Cup.  A Challenge Set was released that included two controllers and Super Mario Bros. 3.  And of course, the last set which included the redesigned NES for $49.99.
If you take into account the price of the Action set which was $149.99, it would have cost $271.02 in 2010 due to inflation!  A $39.99 game pack in 1988 would have cost $72.74 today.
If you look at reverse inflation, a PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits release usually costs between $19.99 and $29.99 today – we’ll take an average and say its $24.99 which converts to $13.41 back in 1988!